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2014-2015 PLC Information

Our 2014-2015 PLC Norms/Collective Commitments

Our 2014-2015 SMART Goal and Action Plan
100% of our students will achieve a 2 or better on each departmental GLB involving math computation.

What is your Action Plan for the data you are collecting and how are you going to use it?
I have a question about your Action Plan too. Last spring we talked about the CTE indicators of Math and we needed to create an action plan around Math. What will CTE do to improve the academic performance in Math - that must be a action step in your plan this year per Perkins guidelines. (Dr. Cooksley)
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2013-2014 PLC Information

Our 2013-2014 Norms

Our 2013-2014 SMART Goal and Action Plan
100% of students will achieve 2 or better on individual departmental GLBs.
Action Plan shared via google docs. Will finalized when David B. has had a chance to update his.

A good goal that everyone in areas will be able to monitor and share progress. What is your Action Plan/Steps for getting there? I would like you to provide activities your PLC will take part in to to look at data, share strategies, new learning opportunities for members, etc. (Dr. C)

Data Wall Analysis



As I look at your minutes I am wondering when you analyze the data for your SMART Goal each month? Do you share monthly and talk about ways to help struggling students? (Dr. C)

Archived Information from 2012-2013

2012-2013 PLC Information

All of the necessary forms are found on the "PLC Information and Tools Page" of this Wiki - (see link on the right). Most forms have been updated for the current school year so please use them when completing your work this year. If you need any assistance, let Dr. Cooksley know! Thanks

Our 2012-2013 Norms

Our SMART Goal for 2012-2013

100% of students will achieve 2 or better on individual departmental GLBs.

Our Action Plan for 2012-2013

Agendas - Please label you agendas by date so they are easy to locate

Minutes - Please label your minutes by date so they are easy to locate

Looks like you have a great start with your SMART Goal, Action Plan and your data wall/bulletin board. I look forward to seeing it! (Dr. M)

Monthly Data Wall Analysis

Supporting Documents


Norm/Collaborative Commitment Recording Sheet

SMART Goal/Action Plan forms (You may choose which one to use)]

SMART Goal Analysis Sheet (To be used in the Spring)

Data Analysis Tools
(you may choose whichever format works best for your team to display the information - one suggstion is attached)

Minutes/Review of Data Analysis Form (you must address the following questions in your minutes)

Agendas for PLC Collaboration (Add and date agendas here)

Minutes from PLC Collaboration (Add and date Minutes here)

You ask a very good question about the use of 1-4 in the grade book. Best practice would suggest that you should choose the assessments you feel will demonstrate their learning on a GLB - we should use the assessments for a grade sparingly, but want enough evidence to show parents and the student how we arrived at the "grade" we did. Hope that helps (Mary)

1st - Yeah on getting your minutes uploaded!!! (success!). You have very good conversations during your PLC time -- wondering about your comment about starting to use the data wall... interested in more on that.....

Minutes/results from CEEA analysis 1/11 and 1/18/12

How can we help with those discussions for your CTE group - with the 1:1 initiative, you don't have as much PLC time?

Minutes from 4-18-12