Smart Goal for 2014-2015

Trust that...

One Word Ideas

Characteristics of Effective/Quality Instruction and Tool for Improvement

100% of teachers will score a 2 or higher on the Tool for Improvement and 80% of teachers will score a 3 or higher on the Tool for Improvement in all 5 categories by the end of the year.

Action Plan
  • Complete a minimum of one walk through observation for each teacher each trimester
  • Central office will complete a walk through observation for each teacher throughout the year
  • Provide specific feedback for improvement on each walk through observation
  • Analyze walk through observation data monthly
  • Conduct team walk through observations and have discussions about what was observed
  • Discuss the Tool for Improvement to ensure consistent application of tool on a monthly basis

Needs Assessment Survey Results for BOE

A-Team PLC


August 8, 2014



August 13th PD - TQ Day

PLC Information

Walk Through Template and Tool for Improvement

Vision/Mission/Beliefs Posters

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2013-2014 school year

March 27, 2014

Needs Assessment Results

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Board Presentation

August 29th

A-Team Norms

Walkthrough Template

SMART Goal and Action Plan for 2013-2014

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2012-2013 PLC Information

Our 2012-2013 Norms

Our SMART Goal for 2012-2013

Our Action Plan for 2012-2013




  • Look For's
  • PLC Debrief
  • Personality test


  • Common Core - expectations for teaching


  • Analyze September Look For's on Data Wall
  • Review Data Wall template
  • Review Look For Rubric
  • Go through examples and place initials in the column based on the walkthrough
  • Analyze results
  • Watch videos while using the Walk-through rubric. Discuss what a 1-4 looks like - look for consistency of use.


  • Reviewed the PLC Facilitator meeting - discussed some strategies to assist with PLC situations
  • PLC Debrieif - discussed any positives and/or issues related to PLC collaboration
  • Look-For Data - we discussed the two elements of our SMART Goal and ways to provide feedback to teachers where real change in instruction might happen. We looked at October data and how we would color-code the walls.
    • Stacy either tapes or takes pictures with his i-Pad and then has specific conversations with teachers
    • Stacy shared an app. he downloaded that allows him to speak and it dictates so he can take notes on the fly about his day or what he observes
  • Mary administered a "True Colors" personality test - this tells you what your personality type is and also allows you to determine what "color" another person might be so you can understand their point of view.
  • PLC Debrief
  • Bring data to next meeting
  • Watched two videos about the Common Core - discussed what changes they described - Mary will show these at the CT meetings
  • Housekeeping - workshop attendance - Mary, Jen, and Tim M. (Des Moines Nov. 5th) and the rest to SAI Luncheon that day
  • As a team we reviewed the document where Mary summarized the Kiosk tasks. We looked at the items matching our Look For rubric we are creating.
  • We decided to underline all of the items matching what we came up with and added a couple phrases or words we liked better from DLT - we will present this to the DLT at the next meeting
  • At a team we analyzed our Look For Data wall - September data. We used the "Data Wall Analysis" sheet to address the data wall. We had a very good discussion - especially clarifying aspects of what observations were made during walk through's. We discussed what it looks like to have "Instructional Techniques" observed. These discussions help us to be more consistent. The data revealed that we have the bulk of our observations falling in the 2's and 3's. We looked at the outliers in the 4 column and the 1's column - we had a good discussion about the type of feedback you provide to teachers who are very good in each category to move them even further... and what feedback you provide when you have identified a 1 in a category. We will continue to work on providing specific feedback to see improved instruction. It is important we ask for reflection feedback so we have the necessary conversations.
  • We will color code overall walkthrough's by month and each month we will use a different color for each administrator. We will see how we have shown growth, etc.,
  • The next time we meet to analyze our walkthrough data is on October 25th (4th Thursday)

  • We placed the initials in the appropriate column based on the walkthroughs
  • We completed 3 examples and talked through how we each might rate the Look For category based on the observations of each Principal
  • We didn't get all the walkthrough information charted so each Principal is to send Mary the data and she will compile the info on a district data wall for analysis at the next meeting

Monthly Data Wall Analysis

  • We will be using our Walk Through data to create a data wall. We are focusing on 2 "Look For's".
    1) Learning Targets - posted, discussed, student awareness
    2) Level of Bloom's Taxonomy - we want to provide quality feedback on both to improve instruction

Supporting Documents