This Wiki will serve as a place to gather, share and learn about PLC's in Oskaloosa. Each Team has its own page - please place documents on the Wiki page to share the work of your PLC with your Osky colleagues. Communication and collaboration with your colleagues as well as with with your building principal and the Curriculum Director is key to the PLC success as well - all information sharing will happen through your Wiki. Feedback to your PLC will be shared via the Wiki, so please check back often.

Professional Learning Communities

"Creating a collaborative environment has been described as 'the single most important factor' for successful school improvement initiatives and 'the first order of business' for those seeking to enhance the effectiveness of their school. Virtually all contemporary school reformers call for increased opportunities for teacher collaboration"

The New Definition of Professional Development by the National Staff Development Council (NSDC) - supporting the PLC Concept/Work

Why a PLC? By creating a PLC, we increase the capacity of our teachers. (The best thing we can do to improve student learning)

Thanks for your continued work on behalf of our students!!