5th Grade

All of the necessary forms are found on the "PLC Information and Tools Page" of this Wiki - (see link on the right). Most forms have been updated for the current school year so please use them when completing your work this year. If you need any assistance, let Dr. Cooksley know! Thanks

2014-2015 PLC Information

Please provide your updated Norms, SMART goal and how you will collect your data. Also, please provide you agenda and minutes.
Thanks. (Tim)

Our 2014-2015 PLC Norms/Collective Commitments

Our 2014-2015 SMART Goal and Action Plan

How could you use running records to progress monitor students, other than what is listed? How often will you do that? Weekly, bi-weekly, etc.
How could you use this information, which is more formative, on your data wall?

Data Wall Analysis

Google doc with all agendas and minutes: https://docs.google.com/a/oskycsd.org/document/d/1yE-cPIMzJ9-Davg4xMh3u_MU_lE-AH1Kol9WouZuqxo/edit

Questions for Administration?

2013-2014 PLC Information

Our 2013-2014Norms

Our 2013-2014 SMART Goal and Action Plan

Your SMART Goal is not very specific. What content/skill are you going to be focusing on this year. I see it is small group instruction as your method... and I am assuming you are looking the MAP scores for reading comprehension. Your data wall need to be focused on more formative data. MAP is given only 2 times per year and you will not be able to inform your instruction if you only use that as your measure. What formative data can you collect to monitor student progress on a more formative level? Do you have classroom assessments you might use for each GLB? MAP data is fine to check on a summative basis with the fall being the baseline, but we must look at data more often to inform our instruction. I would like you to revise your SMART Goal (Dr. C)

Your SMART Goal is more specific. Making sure the anecdotal notes are shared as part of your data will be a key piece in identifying your small group instruction groups. Continue to look for formative ways to assess your students they don't all have to be summative. (Tim)

Data Wall Analysis
We will be using google docs.



I like the informationyou talked about during this PLC -especially the pieces you can do as a PLC. (Dr. C)

Archived Information from 2012-2013

2012-2013 PLC Information

Our 2012-2013 Norms

Our SMART Goal for 2012-2013

100% of 5th grade students will improve their comprehension skills through the use of small group instruction measured by the MAPS Reading Test.
I have been reflecting on your SMART Goal for this year. I know your formative data is CARS and your summative data is MAP (no S). I think you need more specific measurement than "improve comprehension skills" - how will you know if they did that? You need to give a specific amount from MAP. What if you said "100% of 5th grade students will increase their MAP Reading RIT score by (x amount or percent) through the use of small group instruction. (I know you also talked about having all 5th graders meet the expected norm for 5th grade in the Spring) (Mary)

Our Action Plan for 2012-2013

Agendas - Please label you agendas by date so they are easy to locate

Minutes - Please label your minutes by date so they are easy to locate

Looking the data you provided on the Skills assessment has me reflecting on a couple of things: What GLB specifically is that data telling you the students are doing well with? How are they doing/progressing on the big picture the skills are part of? What is the assessment providing that data to you? I am glad they did well, I just trying to understand how it fits into your LA GLB's - thanks! (Dr.M)

What was your conversation around cause/effect? What are some shared techniques used by all - what might some try where the % of students (mastering???) is lower? (Dr. C.) You might include some points from your conversation in your minutes....

I enjoyed observing your PLC yesterday - your assessment helped identify your intervention groups well. Curious what your data wall looks like... maybe I missed that piece.

Monthly Data Wall Analysis

Supporting Documents


Norm/Collaborative Commitment Recording Sheet

SMART Goal/Action Plan forms (You may choose which one to use)]

SMART Goal Analysis Sheet (To be used in the Spring)

Data Analysis Tools
(you may choose whichever format works best for your team to display the information - one suggestion is attached)

Minutes/Review of Data Analysis Form (you must address the following questions in your minutes)

Agendas for PLC Collaboration (Add and date agendas here)

Some excellent agenda items you will be discussing!! Mary

Minutes from PLC Collaboration (Add and date Minutes h

I would love to see your speaking/listening rubric - you might place that on the Wiki too!!!! (Mary) Others might find it useful?!I like your rubric, thanks of sharing it... I think I will send it out to LA CT if that is okay?! I am glad to see you have a plan to use the data wall! :-) (Mary)I would like to see mor

e detail around the big discussion items... looking at the math data, for example, looks like a small part of the discussion, but should be the meat of your discussion. (Mary)I am wondering, though, if the group who observed 2nd grade were able to transfer what they saw with the data wall and the conversations to the 5th grade work? I like the idea of the make and take -- keep working on making a difference for students!!! What are you learning from your data on the data wall? What strategies are you implementing as a result of the data to reach specific kids? Are you seeing kids progress? I would love to hear or read about those things! (Tim)I would love to see what the Math and LA work was about in your minutes. I see you had a discussion about the contents of the Syllabus - RTI? Do you have any questions? Your quick shares and extended share seem to be providing good instructional ideas! (Mary)
[[file:StudentsEarning1on2/1:12.docx]]I am wondering what your update was? I would love to see that in your minute notes. How is your intervention time going? What data are you using to know that the interventions are working? How often is the data being logged?

A very productive meeting just as you said!!!! (Mary)Curious to know the MAP tool Janyce has..... (mary)Very productive - we have to have our "what" before we ca do any of the other work! (Mary)