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2nd Grade Teachers at Family Math Night!

2014-2015 PLC Information

Our 2014-2015 PLC Norms/Collective Commitments

Our 2014-2015 SMART Goal and Action Plan

Will you be making fluency lessons together during PLC time? Jolene

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All of the necessary forms are found on the "PLC Information and Tools Page" of this Wiki - (see link on the right). Most forms have been updated for the current school year so please use them when completing your work this year. If you need any assistance, let Dr. Cooksley know! Thanks

2013-2014 PLC Information

Our 2013-2014 Norms

Our 2013-2014 SMART Goal and Action Plan

I am glad you used data to determine this year's deficits! Smart :-) . Are you using classroom assessments from Go Math! so you can monitor on a formative level? Next year we will be using the aimsweb math probes to identify student deficits, so at least we will have consistent data :-) Thanks for a great start! (Dr. C)

Data Wall Analysis

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As I read your minutes weekly, I can say you are using PLC's as a way to increase your professional capacity and monitor student learning. Thank you 2nd grade! (Dr. C)

Looks like you are making good progress on choosing mentor texts. Other PLC's are wondering how you are accomplishing that work.... I suggested they ask you - but I told them you were devoting time and dividing and conquering. Thanks for your work! (Dr. C)

Archived Information from 2012-2013

2012-2013 PLC Information

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Our SMART Goal for 2012-2013

Our Action Plan for 2012-2013

Videos to identify the Characteristics of Effective Instruction

Agendas - Please label you agendas by date so they are easy to locate

The video made the RR easier to understand. I wonder what the conversation will be? (Dr. C)

Minutes - Please label your minutes by date so they are easy to locate

When I stopped in it sounded like a good discussion. Taking information from your minutes it looks like you are well organized to keep up the great work exhibited last year. Great start 2nd Grade!! (Mary)

I am curious to see the monitoring graphs you talked about in your minutes. Could you post one on your Wiki? (Dr. M)
Was the video meaningful? I'd love to chat with the team about it soon! (Matt)
What questions does the team have in regard to the fluency assessment? Is there a good time the team can meet? Planning time? Someone let me know. (Matt)

I asked Maggie about the cueing system shared by Kristi and she is graciously going to send some info to me.... thanks! (Dr. C)

Do you happen to have a picture of the anchor chart Lynne showed you? I would love to be able to use it on the website I am creating for the Elementary on the Workshop Method. (Dr. C)
Curious about the reading wheel.... (Dr. C)

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Read-A-Thon Dress Up Day as Pete the Cat

LOVE the picture!!!!!

Norm/Collaborative Commitment Recording Sheet

SMART Goal/Action Plan forms (You may choose which one to use)]

SMART Goal Analysis Sheet (To be used in the Spring)

SMART Goal Analysis Tools (To be used each trimester)

Loving this! Wonder how it is going withstudents!!?? -Mary
I love the guiding questions you are using to identify interventions with students - Mary

Data Analysis Tools
(you may choose whichever format works best for your team to display the information - one suggestion is attached)

Minutes/Review of Data Analysis Form (you must address the following questions in your minutes)

Book Study

Agendas for PLC Collaboration (Add and date agendas here)

Your agendas are great - I love your "Big Ticket Items" - you are really thinking through your work - very impressive! -I opened this up to look at it... it is Kindergarten's Agenda.... I could have sworn it was your 2nd grade one...... did it get mixed up????? (Mary)

Enjoyed the quick shares - sorry I missed the discussion on your data wall.... (M)

Minutes from PLC Collaboration (Add and date Minutes here)

Glad to see you will attend the BOE meeting!!!!!!!!! Great job all :-) (Mary)

Looks like your book study is giving valuable ideas and leading to positive change!! (Mary)

I like your discussion on your big ticket item.... sounds a bit like gradual release? Sounds like a good book to read. I also like your workshop time - while I was in I saw some great sharing of ideas and resources. Mary

I am excited by the depth of your conversations - keep up the great collaborative work!!! (mary)

I would hate to see your workshop time minimized, but I guess there is only so much time isn't there!? (Mary)

Excellent quick share ideas!!

I love the quick shares - it seems as though you are getting great ideas to share!!

Sorry to see you didn't get to the book study - but a very packed meeting again. Wondering how you will structure your meetings next year to be able to incorporate everything. I think it will help with the quick share choice. (Mary)

Benchmark Data (1's)

Extended Sharing - Small Group Instruction - Schedule

This is impressive!!!!!! If I saw the names I assume you have decreased the gap between the high readers and the low readers and the high got even higher? Have you shared this with Mr. Dunsbergen??????

I missed this PLC discussion. WHY?????? Great work, 2nd grade team. Matt

I highly concur with what Matt said. I have questions, questions, questions - I am hoping the shift is up with all students... ad what is being done for those that have not moved (SPED?) What a GREAT example of the use of a data wall - the visual tells a great story. We used it at our last ATM and it drove some very good conversations! Thanks for putting this up for all to look at. (Mary)