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2014-2015 PLC Information

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Our 2014-2015 SMART Goal and Action Plan

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1st PLC Data Wall 12-10-14

1st PLC Data Wall 2-18-15

1st PLC Data Wall 3-11-15

1st PLC Data Wall 4-8-15

Data Wall Analysis
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Yes, we will. 1st PLC

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2013-2014 PLC Information

Our 2013-2014 Norms

Our 2013-2014 SMART Goal and Action Plan

I think your SMART Goal aligns with the work we have been doing. I want to challenge your assessments you are using if this is the goal. Aimsweb will give you a Lexile you can see the students reading level - why not save some instructional time and use that? Also, just looking at that 3 times per year for all students is not very often. What is your plan for monitoring them more often throughout the year. I like that you are exploring the use of running records - those will provide you with very useful formative data to inform your instruction more often. Off to a great start this year! Can't wait to see the learning occur!! (Dr. C)

Data Wall Analysis



1st Grade seems to be rockin' it as was evident at the School Board meeting! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me! (Dr. C)

I appreciate the efficient use of time. I know you could use more.... let me know if 1st grade LA needs more time outside if PLC to accomplish the Mentor text choices. (Dr. C)

Archived Information from 2012-2013

2012-2013 PLC Information

Our 2012-2013 Norms

Our SMART Goal for 2012-2013

Our Action Plan for 2012-2013

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Sounds like you had a lengthy discussion about assessments.... good start to the year. I like the ice breaker at the beginning to do team-building !:-) (Mary)

Good Work, Team! Great discussion today with your LA assessments. I like the idea of incorporating comprehension strategy assessments in your text leveling. You had many examples from 2nd grade to look at, which helped guide discussions on how to make it work for your grade! Keep rolling along! (Tim)

I thought your data wall on reading levels was good - can't wait to see the students' growth as the year progresses. Your discussion is always very meaningful and moves everyone on the team toward best-practice methods to help students!!! (Dr. M)

I like your PBIS "I CAN" statement!!! :-) (Dr. C)

I love your quick ten minute table talks to begin PLC time....intelligence or common sense? Hmmmm....sorry I missed that conversation! (Tim)

Looks like good conversation! Good guiding questions regarding assessments: is it authentic? and is it higher order? Is it aligned to your GLB? Does it measure your GLB? (Dr. C)

Good discussion yesterday regarding your concerns with writing and feeling 'rigid' vs. allowing students to be 'inquiring.' I like the idea of 'Passion Fridays,' although the name might need to be changed if this is something you choose to do... :) How can we get to a point where 'our crayons aren't separated, but messed up?' (Tim)

Monthly Data Wall Analysis

Based on your data wall analysis, sounds like you had a very good discussion - lots of ideas generated! Excellent!! (Dr. M)

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Norm/Collaborative Commitment Recording Sheet

SMART Goal/Action Plan forms (You may choose which one to use)]

SMART Goal Analysis Sheet (To be used in the Spring)

Data Analysis Tools
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I talked briefly with Julie after a Mentoring meeting about the issue with money in the Math curriculum. The Common Core does not have anything with money until 2nd grade -- but the Math Team determined it was a critical stepping-stone skill and they didn't want to eliminate it and have it appear at 2nd grade. That is why it is not in the text.... we have flexibility to include other items not in the Iowa Core - and we can also eliminate a little as well.... money resources will need to be supplemented.

I enjoyed hearing you all talk about the extraordinary work done with Math - and it looks like SS is coming along as well. Great work! I would love to see your data wall - how are you all discussing student progress on GLB's and/or your SMART Goal during PLC time? (Mary) MARY--Our data walls are above under Data Analysis Tools. Awesome! I checked them out and I assume you are coding your students by number? Your data wall looks very good - I hope your conversations are leading to changes in the classroom! I will need to come check your discussion out! (Mary)

Did you PLC learn anything or have any new insights into your data wall as a result of observing 2nd grade? (Mary) Yes. Hopefully you'll see the results of our insight in our data wall and data analysis summary from today.

What prompted the "perfect 1st grade" conversation? Very good quick share ideas!!!! Good idea to collaborate with other grades regarding curriculum - remember to access the Iowa Core as you have these conversations so you do not create a gap while determining needs.

Did you post your data analysis summary sheet? Curious what conversations happened around that data? What will you do specifically for students who are struggling? Yes, it's posted above under "Data Analysis Tools."

I would love to see in your minutes the discussion around your data wall - do you complete a data analysis summary sheet? You could post that?! If you do, where would I find it? Our Data Wall and Data Analysis Summary docs are listed each time under "Data Analysis Tools" above. Assessments - I know how frustrating this is and Admin. is discussing, but we seem to be stalled. We need an assessment plan that is thoughtful and purposeful - we don't want to just keep making choices we have to change later because they did not address the larger elementary picture. (Mary)

Our guest was very impressed by the data wall! So was I - especially the reflective conversation you had about the data and student learning!!!! (M)

I see you reviewed your norms.... did you have a conversation, or just read them? Looks like you had a very productive meeting from your minutes. Let me know if you need any assistance on any of the work (Mary)

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